School Seal

This Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. Brand Guide outlines the rules and guidelines for the consistent use and application of the school signature and other design elements that are used to represent the school.


The School signature, which consists of the School logo and the logotype, stands as the best symbolic representation of Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc.

The school logo and logotype must always appear together whenever the school signature is used, styled in the manner specified in the school’s brand guide.

Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. - School Signature

School Seal of Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc.


The Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. logo, the most important symbol of the School, has the following parts :

1. The two flying doves signifies the Two Sons of Dr. Lourdes M. Coronado Ed.D namely : Noel and Joel Magcaling Coronado. As a sign of the founders inspiration to provide quality education to the Youth.

The Two Sons

2. The two fronds of laurel are the Gloria Et Honor laurel. They signify inspiration for quality education.

A Symbol of Wisdom

3. Pluma and Ink, a tool used in writing with ink. This signifies how each student is able to write their own stories as their pursuit of Knowledge.

We are the writer of our stories

4. The Book signifies instrument of gaining knowledged imbued with the words "In God We Trust, Help us God", which states the founding philosophy of the school.

Strong Spirituality

5. The banner with the name 'Coronado's School' in serves as a border around the upper portion of the seal.

Our Banner


The School logotype uses Bebas Neue, a font that was commissioned to project professionalism and quiet authority.

Originally designed as a single font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Coronado Logo Signature Horizontal Format


The school logo is placed beside the logotype. When Version 1 is used, the logotype is in the Title Case.

Coronado Logo Signature Vertical Format


The logo is centered above the logotype. 


Use of the Logo / Signatures


The use of the School logo and logotype is bound by the following restrictions:

  •  The color standard, dimensions, and other elements specified for the school logo and the logotype must not be modified in any form.
  •  The school logo must not be used for events initiated by affiliate groups.
  •  The school logo may appear without the logotype. However, the logotype should never be used without the logo, unless it is part of a text.
  •  The school logo may only appear with the logo of one of its colleges. When used together, the school logo must always appear on the left side. In addition, the school logo could only be accompanied by one department logo. This configuration can only be used for internal events.
  •  The school logo should not be used as a background and must not be overlaid on anything that does not have a defined border.
  •  The logotype must always spell out the complete school name. Variations of the school name are not considered logotypes.
The School logo and School signature must only be used for the following:

  •  Marketing collaterals for formal institutional events
  •  Flag
  •  Awards, diplomas, and certificates given by the school
  •  Institutional newsletter and other official publications
  •  Graduation programs and related materials
  •  Employment offer letters
  •  Invoices, receipts, and other finance-related documents
  •  Thesis covers
  •  Powerpoint presentations for formal events and functions
  •  Any document and communication from the Office of the President
  •  Legal documents
  •  Official School business cards
  •  Student/Employee ID
  •  Selected School Merchandise

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