Learning needs such as functional literacy, life skills, self-development, and values are given priority to prepare students for higher education and the outside world.


Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc.'s curriculum is aligned with the K-12 Program prescribed by the Department of Education. 

  • Learning needs such as functional literacy, life skills, self-development, and values are given priority to prepare students for higher education and the outside world.
  • Learning areas make use of approaches from multiple venues to allow students to deepen their knowledge and interest as well as develop interpersonal, spatial, musical, and bodily kinesthetic intelligences.  

Academic Enrichment Program (Co-Curricular Programs)

The purpose of the school’s Academic Enrichment Program is to enlarge the students’ educational experience through curricular enrichment activities.

The main goal of the Academic Enrichment Program is to help students discover their intellectual capacities while being exposed an array of opportunities to gain knowledge. It also hopes to help students feel success and motivation as they are asked to raise the bar of excellence through rigorous course work and challenging activities. More specifically, it aims to:

  • reinforce instruction on challenging topics and lessons;
  • provide more enrichment exercises for mastery learning;
  • adjust instruction to adapt to specific learning needs and abilities of students; and
  • expose students to competitions that will allow them to interact and compete with learners from other institutions.

Provision for the Gifted and Talented

The school ensures that the progress of students identified as gifted and talented is tracked and monitored and that an appropriate teaching and learning program is in place. Hence, the following measures are observed to encourage students in attaining the highest level of achievement:

  • CORONIAN HONOR SOCIETY - The group is composed of individuals who are enthusiasts of Honor Students who will represent Coronado in different Academic Competitions, inside or outside the country. The students are chosen based on the final grade they have received in the subject area during their previous grade level. With this club program, students are able to develop critical and analytical thinking skills. Members of these societies are provided with fun-filled activities geared at helping enhance their skills in these domains.
  • ADVANCED PLACEMENT SECTIONS - The basis for selecting students who would be part of the advance placement sections are the grades of students in Mathematics, Science, and English subject areas for undergraduates (grades 4-5 and grades 7-9) and general average for graduating students (grade 6 and grade 10).

Remediation & Intervention Program

ACADEMIC REMEDIATION PROGRAM The main purpose of the Academic Remediation Program (ARP) is to help students who have fallen behind academically to learn their lessons to the best of their capacity so that their grades will not fall short of what is expected of them.

Since there are many factors affecting students’ difficulty in comprehending their lessons, it is paramount that they overcome their low aspirations for themselves due to encounters of failure in academics.

Therefore, another objective of the ARP is for the teachers to spot the students’ strengths and weaknesses in order to apply appropriate teaching strategies that will meet their needs.  

  • AFTER-SCHOOL TUTORIAL PROGRAM The After-School tutorial program is an after-school educational enrichment program designed to assist students whose parents do not have the time to extend homework assistance to their children. In all, the thrust of the program is to provide one-on-one academic support that focuses on the students’ educational needs.
  • OPPORTUNITY/REMEDIATION CLASSES Students who fall behind in specific subjects are given free remediation classes. Students are pulled out from their classes to receive reinforcement lessons from assigned faculty during school hours. The goal of this program is to fill in information gaps that will help students meet their study goals.


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