"For nothing will be impossible with God."

The Lord Rejoices in the Humble Beginnings

From Coronado's Learning Center to Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. -- This is our story.


Inspired to contribute to the community development of Tandang Sora,  Dr. Lourdes M. Coronado Ed.D opened a Tutorial Center - named Coronado's Learning Center.

What used to be a simple household became a Learning Center in which transitioned to Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc..

The development of the Tutorial Center into a Learning Center was a providential inspiration born out of praise and thanksgiving for God’s love and generosity to the family. Named after the Family's Last Name, the center was named Coronado's Learning Center.

It offered Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory courses and had around 56 pupils at the start of its operation.



Coronado Education in the Future

Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. is committed to continuously expand, modernize, and upgrade its facilities and human resources.

Establishment of Coronado Online School Bldg.

Meeting with the demand of 21st Century education, Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. decided to plan ahead and establish a new structure that will cater to its growing school population with Coronado Online School Bldg.



Establishment of Coronado Online School

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. developed a new program named "Coronado Online School" as the management believes that education will and must continue despite the pandemic.

The New Face of Coronado

Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. finished it's new School Entrance that will serve the growing population of the institution.



Expansion to SHS

In 2015, Coronado's School of Quezon City has been formed into Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. generating new infrastructure, improved laboratories and strengthening the academics.

Responding to global demand, the School started offering Senior High School in 2016, The School's Senior High School Programs is Composed of GAS (General Academic Strand), HUMSS (Humanities Social Science Strand) and ABM (Accounting and Business Management Strand).

Upgrading Facilities

We believe that quality of education should be supported with the necessary infrastructure that the school uses.

Hence, the management took the initiative in to overhauling its facility to provide a more conducive learning environment.



Expanding its Program Offerings

With the outgoing support of the School Community, Coronado's School of Quezon City, Inc. established it's annex bldg. that caters to its Junior High School Department.

Transitioning to Coronado's School of Quezon City

Upon their recommendation, the institution changed the corporate name to "Coronado's School of Quezon City".

With the help of the Almighty Father, in a yearly basis the student population grew in an increasing rate, due to the quality education that the school provides to its pupils.


1999 - 2000

Early Recognition

In S.Y. 1999-2000, with the help of the Department of Education (DepED-NCR), the institution was given a government permit to operate Primary Education (Nursery - Grade I - III). Then, in S.Y. 2003-2004, the institution has
been granted with the permit to operate with Complete Elementary Education (Nursery - Grade VI).

Humble Beginnings

In February 1999, Dr.Lourdes Coronado Ed.D, established Coronado's Learning Center as a learning institution with practically three (3) classrooms. With our Teaching skills and practices, it helped us earn the respect of parents and the community.

The education that we catered focused on the RWA formula: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic for Pre - Schoolers.

After a year, the institution's student population increased and with the support of our parents, through the years the institution has expanded.

February 1999

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